Tree Care

Upcountry Land and Tree provides complete, quality tree care, whether felling trees, pruning limbs, or planting seedlings.

Tree Care

Upcountry Land and Tree provides safe, natural, and complete tree carewhether felling trees, pruning limbs, or planting seedlings.

We inspect trees for potential damage and decay, and can safely remove trees and limbs that overhang your house, power lines, and more. No job is too big or dangerous to keep us from safely and efficiently taking care of your needs.

In order to improve the beauty or health of your live trees, we can climb and prune them without using damaging spikes when necessary. If requested, we can also slowly lower limbs to prevent damage to your property. We often climb trees inaccessible by vehicles, without bringing heavy machinery into your yard.

We can also survey your property with you, making recommendations to help you achieve long-term lawn and tree goals. Whether a tree is dying, becoming an eyesore, or simply crowding out other trees, we'll discuss with you whether to keep or remove it to ensure your lawn is safe and beautiful in the future. We can also recommend where to plant new trees to enhance the beauty of your property.

Let us know how we can help you meet your tree care needs!

Services Include:

  • Free estimates
  • Emergency services (24x7) & storm cleanup
  • Tree inspections and disease diagnosis
  • Dead wood removal
  • Removing trees over house, pool, power lines, etc.
  • Safe lowering of hung trees
  • Natural, organic tree care
  • Expert pruning of living branches
  • Cabling to preserve leaning trees or dangerous limbs
  • Vine removal
  • Limited tree planting & replacement

Before, during, and after shots: